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Find some peace of mind... 
Sundays at the studio

Pricing Options

Therapeutic Yoga

  • Private (1-2 participants)- $100 per session (average session is 50 minutes)

  • Group- $30 per person ( 45-50 min. classes, small groups of 3-5 people)

*Screening Required for therapeutic yoga 

This service is intended as a supplement to mental health treatment and is not a replacement for formal mental health services. It is recommended clients establish care with a mental health provider prior to engaging in therapeutic yoga. 

Embodied Resilience Classes 

(40-50 min. classes, small groups of 3-6 participants)

  • FREE- Every Sunday at 1pm

Personalized Wellness Practice (30-45 min sessions, 1-2 participants)

  • $30 per session

  • Package- 10 sessions for $150 *Applies to all classes, valid for 6 months from date of purchase.


  • 8 weeks (60 min. weekly sessions, small groups of 3-6 participants) 

  • Tiered Pricing-

    • Tier 1 - $400 - Community Member

    • Tier 2 - $500 - Community Supporter

    • Tier 3 - $600 - Community Advocate

In an effort to make wellness accessible, we offer scholarships for individuals experiencing hardship. We invite participants to reflect on your access to resources when registering for a workshop. 100% of the funds from higher contributions at the Community Supporter and Advocate levels go directly toward scholarships so that others may also experience the benefits and healing that come from developing a personal wellness practice and being a member of a supportive community. 

To Apply for a Scholarship- 

Please complete the Contact Form and an application will be emailed to you. 

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