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  • Adults 

  • First Responders & Families

  • Veterans

  • LGBTQ+


  • Resilience Training

  • Trauma-Informed Mental Health Treatment 

  • Grief/Bereavement Support

  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

  • Therapeutic Yoga

  • Meditation

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Please note, I DO NOT provide the following services:

  • Fit for Duty Assessments

  • Custody or Guardianship Assessments

  • Expert Witness Testimony 

  • Documentation for Disability Claims

If your primary purpose in seeking counseling is to obtain an assessment or documentation for the reasons listed above, it is recommended you contact your insurance provider, your EAP/HR Department, or a legal professional/advocate to obtain a referral.

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1st Response

& Veterans

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My therapeutic style is founded on a trauma-informed approach. I have been fortunate to work alongside first responders as a Crisis Interventionist for the Mesa and Chandler Fire Departments and as an evaluator for CIT. I am CISM certified and I have worked both as a counselor and a peer support specialist for Fire, EMS, Dispatch, PD and Active Duty Military. I am a military brat, I served in the Army, and I married a Marine. These experiences have helped me to develop a well-rounded perspective on the multiple aspects of military and first responder service. 

yoga warrior.jpg

When we experience an emotion, there is a physical, visceral reaction. Whether it is obvious, like a flinch, or subtle like muscles tensing in the neck and shoulders, our body experiences the event. Some events cause such an intense emotional response that the body holds onto that reaction as a way of remembering and keeping us safe in the future. The memory becomes a warning signal. Unfortunately this often leads to a lot of false alarms. Suddenly tense shoulders from normal, daily stress triggers an emotional response. Even when the mind is not consciously aware, the body is always responding and communicating. Through therapeutic yoga, individuals learn to reclaim their bodies and feel empowered through increased self-awareness and taking effective action.

Therapeutic Yoga



I am an LGBTQ+ member and ally. I have several years of experience working with individuals across the spectrum of the LGBTQ community.I work both with clients in therapy and as an advocate in the community to address the unique social and cultural needs of the LGBTQ+ population.

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